Saturday, December 26, 2009

Worse than useless

I was reading out of Proverbs this morning and came across Prov 25:26. "Like a trampled spring and a polluted well, is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked." So, we see the author here telling us that not only is a righteous man who doesn't stand up for the truth broken and useless -- ala the broken spring, no longer able to function as it was intended -- but he is also poisonous! So he is not just neutralized, but instead partakes of the wicked actions he refused to stand up against (cf. 2 John 8-11).

This, by the very nature of the verse, tells us that a properly functioning righteous man is like a well, that gives water to thirsty people. He is a spring, functioning as he ought. This is not just an internal piety that means his "head is in the right place" but also means he is out there being the salt and light to the world around him.

Let me just encourage you all -- The Gospel actually means something. It is actually something you can go out and live every day. This is not just a set of beliefs like a math proof or even a political opinion that you can "share" every November. This is a way of life that is lived out by submitting to the King's authority in all areas of your life.

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