Monday, February 22, 2010

Comfort as Manna from Heaven II

So I was thinking about that guy that gathered up too much manna. I think my first thought is to assume the worst of the guy. I mean, he is used for all eternity as the guy who disobeyed God, but really, we assume he is doing it from a selfish or unfaithful attitude. He probably was, but I guess I came face to face with how I am that guy.

I find that I rarely worry about me. I mean, I've been through some stuff and God has always taken care of me. But Scriptures say that the people were hungry. It's not like they were out hunting for one meal and then manna came down out of heaven the next. No, they went without for a while, so they could learn a)they have needs and b) they can't meet them. Imagine being a husband or a father and watching your family go hungry for a while. All of a sudden God does this incredible miracle and there is food everywhere. Does it seem a little more sympathetic now? Poor dad doesn't want to go through that anymore, so he tries to out-provide God. Of course, God has systems in place to prevent that.

How does this connect? I can trust God to provide for me, but I worry about my wife. I can trust that God will heal me but will she be OK? I have this stupid belief that I am actually the one providing for my wife. God uses me, primarily, to take care of her, but it is still him doing it.

I find it is easy to trust God for myself, but it takes a far greater amount of faith to trust him for the ones I love. Only after they are gone do I finally let go of the imaginary controls and say "God, they're yours." And he has never failed to answer back "Zack, they always were."

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