Thursday, March 18, 2010

Torch your Safety Net

How long will you trust God to be working on a tough spouse? How long will you pray for a lost friend until you give up and decide it is hopeless? Or maybe you are the tough case. What if you can only see growth in a troublesome area if you take it in 10yr increments? How long will you trust that God is working in your own life, even when you see little or no change?

We use our senses to verify what we believe to be true. We trust that God is working only as long as we can see him working. We move hesitantly, hoping there is a visible reaction for each of our actions. To us, God becomes not a divine mover, but rather a force like gravity that has to react to our actions.

Scripture tells us if we ask anything in the name of Jesus--and it glorifies the Father--that he will surely do it for us. So we ask. And we wait. Our hesitancy increases. We do not move forward because we are still waiting for him to complete the last request. We expect him to move the way we envision it, and that is rarely the case.

Christian, torch your safety net. Destroy that hesitancy. The king of the universe wants you to call him "Father." How much more do you want?

Learn your Bible. Read what God promises to do and then trust him for it. He will change the life of your wife, your husband. He promises that he will complete every good work in the life of the believer. How great is our God!

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