Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tough Question: Infant Salvation

John Piper takes a quick stab at it. The comments can be a bit rough if you are in a situation to personally care about the answer. Basically it comes down to how you understand original sin. There are plenty of Scripture references that would make you believe all infants that die (different than all infants) are elect and God saves them through grace, not because they are sinless but because he's good and just. But as the comments below will show you, there are plenty of other passages that make you think that it is not quite as sure as Piper would argue.

All in all, good discussion. Gotta tell you, this was a really tough question to ask on Feb 15th. I knew all of the arguments for and against. At that point in time, to keep from going crazy, I asked a couple guys I would trust my life to. Actually I couldn't ask, I couldn't bring myself to ask because I didn't want to know what they thought... but I did want to know. They both agreed with Piper although I haven't heard this argument before.

As my Pastor said, there will come a day when all crooked lines will be made straight. God is all Good and all Just. Can you leave it at that?

Edited to add: For those of you that may be a bit concerned to read the comments, just don't worry about it. The main question is if we are all born totally sinful (which we are, it has nothing to do with our actions, we are born in a state of sin) then how can an infant be saved? Well, our theology is not complete, but it is sufficient. Rom 1 states that we are held accountable to what we have seen, so if an infant hasn't seen anything can it be held accountable? Also you have the passage when David loses his son (Samuel 12:16-23) and says that he (David) will go to him (his son). Now, some would argue that this just means the grave, but there seems to be some expectation of a future reunion, which would force you to move past believing David is just saying that some day he too will die. If David believed that death was the end then he would have no cause to stop grieving, but he believed he would see his son again so he got up and ate.

What I do know is that all who are saved, are saved through grace, by the righteousness of Christ. And that really is where I'll have to leave it.

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