Tuesday, April 27, 2010

10 Reasons Why you should Download this FREE MUSIC!!

1.    Because PageCXVI is really really good!
2.    It's free. No, no, I mean, like you don't have to pay any money for it and they don't send you junk mail, kinda free.
3.    They make the old hymns come alive; it's worship that you connect with musically as well as lyrically.
4.    It's free and you can't go wrong with free, that is unless you are looking at heart surgery. I try to stay away from anyone offering free heart surgery.
5.    Their rendition of In Christ Alone is what I had going through my head when I chose that song to be played at my son's funeral.
6.    It only costs $0.99 and I'll even through in a $0.99 coupon (FREE)!
7.    Solid Christian artists need to be supported. One way you can do that is to download their first album (did I mention it was free??) and tell everyone you know how much you like it. Then, they'll want to download the album too (for, like, NO money!).
8.    They have a new album coming out at the end of the week and they need to free up server space!
9.    If you download their new album you can listen to it while you follow them on Twitter @PageCXVI
10. Because we need to worship God rightly, and I believe these songs properly present a sovereign God and our dependence on him. Sadly, the old hymns have fallen out of use. When bands go through and re-charge them a little bit the church is given a precious gift: Excellent music with doctrinal clarity.

Please use the email function below and pass this post on to your Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, Church Gardner, and religious Mother In-Law so that they can take advantage of this too. PageCXVI are really good people who give away so much of their music, so let's take a second and support them by downloading their first album.

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