Monday, August 16, 2010

What's the Point?

Al Mohler, the President of the SBC Southern Seminary, wrote a very clear and important article on the new lines being drawn for Biblical Inerrancy. The scholars of the BioLogos ilk are arguing that the Biblical writers made clear errors. This, in and of itself is nothing new. I'm even ok with it. What I'm not ok with is the pie-in-the-sky (or head-up-their.... well, you get the idea) view that this in no way impacts the life of the church. They, like Bultmann, believe that we can go on, just like normal, if what we once believed to be the one standard for life and faith is now no more true than Romeo and Juliet. Here is what you get, though, you get churches that look so much like the world that no one has any desire to go. You get a gospel that is not revealed and is not exclusive. You get a form of hinduism/universalism. If our one rule for faith and life is just as full of human error as any other book, then why bother? What is the point? They might be able to entertain themselves with participation in an event where they create their own meaning, when church is no longer the participation of the Gospel among the people of God, but it is rather an enactment of the human story. They might keep themselves entertained, but I would want nothing to do with it.